About us

We are a private investment group from Austria with an investment focus in the real estate sector. The group was founded over 20 years ago and is today the main component of the family office of the Humer Private Foundation.

The main objective of the ECE Group is to manage and further expand a high-quality real estate portfolio in Europe. On the website we present selected properties of our portfolio.

Real estate

We invest mainly in commercial and high-street properties. In addition, we carry out project developments which we subsequently integrate into our long-term portfolio.

Other investments

Our investments are supplemented, for example, by private equity investments, traded equities and other asset classes.

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What we do

Our investment focus in the real estate sector is on commercial and high-street properties. We constantly adapt our space to current market conditions and offer tenants space of the highest quality. We carry out the asset management ourselves in order to always meet the requirements and wishes of the tenants and to further develop the properties on an ongoing basis.

We make other investments primarily when we identify new opportunities and can support their further development as an active investor.

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Commercial properties

We have extensive experience investing in mid-sized office buildings with spaces between 5,000-25,000m². We have many multinational well-known tenants for whom we have been a reliable business partner for many years. Together with our tenants, we contribute to resource conservation and rely on internationally recognized building certifications.

As a result of our long-term investment strategy, we also manage a portfolio of inner-city houses in prime locations: here we are primarily represented by properties in Vienna, Prague and Bratislava.

Our portfolio of properties also includes land reserves or potential for the expansion and creation of new attractive space. Together with partners, we plan and build new properties or carry out refurbishment projects. Based on our strategy, we develop the properties for our own existing long-term portfolio.

Our other investments complete our strategic asset allocation: based on return and risk characteristics, we assess the extent of necessary diversification of our portfolio.

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