Duty to inform according to §5 E-Commerce Act, §14 Company Code, §63 Trade Regulation Act and duty to disclose according to §25 Media Act.

HPS Holding GmbH
Gaadner Straße 120
2371 Hinterbrühl

Business purpose:Investment management, real estate
VAT number: ATU65245503
Company register number: 313658 m
Commercial register court: LG Wiener Neustadt
Company headquarters: 2371 Hinterbrühl

Phone: 0043 (0) 2237/722 77
Member of: WKO
Professional law: Trade regulations:
Supervisory authority/commercial authority: BH Mödling
Managing Directors: Christian Humer, Mag. Heinrich Reimitz, Mag. Dejan Mansfeld-Rupnik
Shareholder Humer Private Foundation